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Our 45th Reunion was a time to relax with friends and talk about the past, present and future.   Many people commented that it was the best reunion yet.  We are sorry if you weren't able to be with us and hope to see EVERYONE at our 50th!!!.
Thursday night, August 11th - No host get together at Chico's Pizza Parlor
About 60 classmates and spouses/guests met at Chico's for the pizza we grew up on and a chance to start the festivities early.    Despite how warm it was in the room and how smoky from some burnt pizzas, there were few complaints...just lots of reminiscing.   It was lights out and people were still sitting and visiting.  It was also heard that some of the guys got in an afternoon of golf prior to coming to Chico's!
Friday, August 12th - Get Together
Bob and Chris Chudamelka (Class of 65) offered their beautiful Crab Creek property back yard to us for a wonderful evening of relaxing, visiting, and eating.   82 classmates and guests were introduced to Chef Amadeus*, a personal chef from Seattle, who prepared a delicious meal for us complete with wings, Basso fish and Beignets.    Greg Basel furnished a case of wine that as enjoyed by all.  The culinary students at MLHS baked cookies for dessert.  It was a beautiful evening and cooled off enough that we ended the night sitting about a warm fire pit.
(* in July Chef Amadeus won "Extreme Chef" on the Food Network)   
Saturday, August 13th

Tour of MLHS
21 classmates and guests signed up to take a guided tour of our Alma Mater.  The principal of the high school welcomed the group and started the tour.  Later, Jon Lane (Class of 65 and current Mayor of ML) and Vicki Easter Groff (Class of 64 and School Board member) continued the tour.   Numerous comments were made about how great the school looks and what a terrific curriculum the current students are offered.

About 25 classmates and spouses enjoyed 18 hole scrambles at Moses Pointe Golf Club on Friday afternoon and  Saturday morning.   There were plenty of "bragging rights" heard at the evening events.

Lake Cruise
It was a disappointment that the barge we have used for past reunions was no longer available, but we were fortunate to have two MLHS alumni offer to let us use their party boats.   Glenn Post (Class of 68) took at group of 13 out from 10-12.   Then, in the afternoon, Glenn entertained a group of 12 from 1-3, while Jim Mackey (Class of 65) had 6 on his daughter's boat during those two hours.   While it wasn't the "barge", everyone still had a good time and enjoyed the wonderful weather and time with classmates.
Saturday evening,  Moses Lake Country Club
93 classmates and guests began gathering at 6:00 at the Country Club.   Tables were beautifully decorated with maroon napkins and centerpieces of hurricane lamps with Class of 66 decals and candles.  Each person at the dinner was given a stemless wine glass with the Chiefs logo and Class of 1966 imprinted on the glass.   The class picture was taken at 7:00 followed by a delicious buffet dinner consisting of prime rib, salmon, twice baked potatoes, rice pilaf, vegetables and cake.
A beautiful tribute consisting of photos of our deceased classmates was at the entrance to the room.  Many attendees during the evening spent time looking at the pictures in quiet contemplation.
Bobbie Jack Melson served as MC.  He read a letter from Wayne Schetzle, who was not able to attend -and in typical Wayne fashion, it ended with us all laughing.
Then Bobbie Jack asked each person to get up and tell about his/her life in 2 minutes.  It was a great way to hear from all the classmates, and many shared humorous stories.
The rest of the evening was spent listening to 50's and 60's music and visiting, visiting, visiting.
Sunday, August 14 - Picnic at Blue Heron Park   
56 classmates met for one final visit at what use to be Moses Lake State Park.  The meal of brats and kraut and barbequed chicken with all the trimmings was catered by Michael's on the Lake.  The only down side to this event were the bees (that stung many and forced others into their cars to eat) AND having to say goodbye until the 50th.

Nancy Allison                       Penny Hansen                    Vicki Robinson
Sharon Ames                       Priscilla Hansen                 Bev Russell
Barb Bartholomew              Shirley Harmon                  Diane Ryan
Greg Basel                            Barb Harris                         Dwane Schmitt
Pam Baumgardner              Bob Hempel                        Linda Schwab
Judi Best                               Vicki Hickman                    Raedell Schwab
Kandi Bluhm                         Gail Higgins                        Mardi Sheridan
Harley Brotherton                Ted Hjaltalin                       Dave Simpson
Doug Bruce                           Roger Holloway                 Jeff Skeesick
Linda Butler                          Venda Holman                   Kathi Strode
Gidget Baker                         RIck Killinger                     Mike Thomas
Doyle Cate                             Sam Kovalesky                  Tracy Thomas
Mike Chase                           Cathie Lane Ball                 Jim Thompson
Jim Daniel                             Kathy Law                          Dan Toya
Mike Davidson                      Bev Leaton                         Terry Trask
Dan Deane                            Phyllis McAdams               Ron Updegrave
Doug Dignam                       Larry McLanahan               Joe Varney
Linda Dunn                           Bobbie Jack Melson           Priscilla Walker
Phil Eng                                Jerry Moberg                       Kim West
Larry Enzler                         Bill Mullis                            Thom West
Jim Filkins                            Bob Newton                        Linda Whitaker
George Foryan                     Jon Nostdal                         Cecil Whitlock
Susan Franz                         Sandy Olson                       Dave Willard
Chep Gauntt                         Dyanne Osborne                 Lynn Wilmot
                                              Harry Ries                           Randy Zielke
                                                                                           Gayle Zobel


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