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The Chicks in Leavenworth

October 9-12, 2018

                                                   Sharon Ames               Pam Baumgartner               Gidget Baker               Linda Butler               Linda Dunn

                                                  Roxanne Goltz                  LeaIla Gregory                    Barb Harris                Gail Higgins           Nancy Hopkins

                                                     Kathy Law                       Mary Nelson                     Sandy Olson            Rhonda Roberts       Vickie Robinson

                                                    Diane Ryan                   Marlene Schutz                     Terry Trask                Lynn Wilmot

The beautiful Leavenworth Lodge was a perfect place for all of us.  The weather was wonderful and the companionship amazing.  Our time was spent exploring Leavenworth, visiting a nearby winery, hiking, exploring local produce stands, relaxing, playing games, visiting and, of course, eating!  Dinner Thursday night was at the lovely Sleeping Lady Resort, complete with beautiful Chihuly glasswork.

It is always sad when our time together comes to an end, but we know that we will be meeting again in 2019!

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