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For those of you who couldn't be with us, or who were there, but don't remember everything (anything?)'s a recap

24 deceased classmates  35 missing classmates 100 classmates attended



Thursday, July 27th    No-Host Get-Together at Chicos Pizza Parlor
80 classmates and spouses gathered at Chicos to kick-start the reunion weekend, to get reacquainted with some friends we hadn't seen for 40 years! and to see if the pizza was as good as we remembered (it was!).  Dennis Spangler wished we had nametags!

Friday, July 28th        BBQ at Papa's Restaurant

143 classmates and spouses began gathering at 5:00 for registration (and nametags, complete with graduation pictures!) at Papa's Restaurant at the Lake Bowl (owned by Bev Russell and her family).  Wayne Schetzle arrived wearing his letter sweater (yes, it still fit!) and Jerry Moberg may have lost his hair, but he still has his beanie!  There were several in attendance whom we had not seen since graduation or before (they had moved away), so it took some digging through the cobwebs in our brains to put names and faces together...but, we did it and had a wonderful time catching up.  Everyone had a great evening, although there were lots of comments about not having time to visit with everyone.

Saturday, July 29th

A variety of activities took place during the day on Saturday, including
The Golf Tournament at Moses Pointe was enjoyed by 20+ classmates & spouses.  You know how those golfers exaggerate, but here are the results (according to Jerry Moberg and Jeff Skeesick)
Low Gross - Bill Mullis        
Low Gross Team - Jerry Moberg, Phil Eng, Steve Hill, Tom Cordell
Low Net - Doug Bernd        
Low Net Team - Jeff Skeesick, Mike Thomas, Ron Updegrave, Dwane Schmit
Rhonda Roberts Walker took 20 classmates on a tour of Moses Lake High School, which looks very little like it did in 1966 (no more running between buildings on those cold winter days or having to move tumble weeds out of the way to get a door open)
There were several Informal gatherings for lunch including a group at Moses Pointe to "greet" the golfers as they came off the course.
Saturday night, July 29th

The social hour began at 6:00 with 95 classmates signing a MLHS Class of 66 banner donated by Terry and Jeff Skeesick.  Guests were able to reminisce by looking at posters on the walls of the Class of 66 sports teams, dance and play programs, beanies (on the wall and on a few heads), graduation announcement and program, as well as many other memorabilia.  White tablecloths covered the tables with maroon and gold napkins under the centerpieces.  Sprinkled around the hurricane candle holders were "40th" confetti.  Dinner was served to 145 of us at 7:00, although because of the VERY slow service, many tables were not served until 8:00.  But, the prime rib and chicken cordon bleu were delicious, almost making the wait worth it.
Following dinner, Mistress of Ceremony Extraordinaire, Kim West began the program by thanking the reunion committee and reminding everyone to continue to use the website - - to read and add to the Guest Book, and to submit and enjoy photos in the Photo Album.  Kim also reminded us to add to our address books as a reminder to notify the committee of updated information.
We were then entertained with a video walk down memory lane, enjoying pictures from high school through the 30th reunion.  (plans are underway to get the video on the website, so watch for it)
Christie Lane introduced a video program that aired on TV on July 4th of this year about Heroes and featured her brother, Jon.  For those who do not know/remember, 10 years ago a student shot and killed a teacher and 2 students at Frontier Junior High.  Jon, who was teaching at Frontier, put his life on the line to keep any other students from being hurt or killed. It was a great tribute.
Following the video, Rhonda Roberts read the names of our 20 deceased classmates whose pictures were displayed on the memorial table.  A moment of silence followed as we remembered these missing friends.
Voted "Wittiest" in our class in 1966, Wayne Schetzle did not disappoint us.  He kept us laughing long after he finished his "monologue".  And he was followed by several others who could easily have been runners-up in 1966.  Kim read Bobbie Jack Melson's Guest Book entry from the website (if you haven't read it, you must!)  and presented t-shirts to the key players with the following inscriptions:  "ASB President 1966"  (Bobbie Jack), "No, I'm the ASB President" ( Doug Earl),  "Doug's Vice President" (Jerry Moberg), and "The Rigger" (Wayne Schetzle).
Kim then opened the floor up to the "best story from high school":  Bobbie Jack, Jerry, Doug , Wayne, and Phyllis McAdams all had funny stories to tell. We voted for THE BEST and the winner was...Bobbie Jack.  The lucky guy got to take home the Class Banner we had all signed!
We had our class picture taken and continued into the night visiting, dancing and visiting some more.  
It was a wonderful few days and we wish you all could have been with us.  We are already talking about the next reunion and hoping to get even more of us together for the 45th in 2011...we will see you then!


Tom Allen                               Danny Deane                        Bev Leaton                             Mardi Sheridan
Nancy Allison                         Linda Dunn                           Phyllis McAdams                  John Shimek
Sharon Ames                          Doug Earl                              Larry McLanahan                 Jeff Skeesick
Jerry Anderson                       Phil Eng                                Luana Meade                         Dennis Spangler
Ray Atkins                               George Foryan                    Bobbie Jack Melson              Kathy Strode
Hugh Baker                             Jim Thornburg Filkins       Marlene Meyer                      Steve Strong
Gidget (Marilou) Baker         Susan Franz                         Jerry Moberg                         Mike Thomas
Howard Barkoff                     Chep Gauntt                         Bill Mullis                               Tracy Thomas 
Steve Barnhart                       Barbara Gillette                   Mary Nelson                          Jim Thompson
Greg Basel                              Sharon Gilmore                    Bob Newton                          Dan Toya
Linda Baughman                   Tim Gobin                             Judy Nielson                         Barbara Tracy
Pam Baumgardner                Claudia Hagerty                   Bev Norwood                       Terry Trask
Karen Bellomy                       Barb Harris                           Sandy Olson                         Ron Updegrave
Mike Benedict                        Sandi Heimbigner               Dyanne Osborne                  Joe Varney
Doug Bernd                            Vickie Hickman                   Dan Ostrander                     Anna Vasquez 
Debbie Black                          Margie Hicks                        Gene Peters                          Keith Walker
Kandice Blume                      Gail Higgins                          Jerry Redwine                       Priscilla Walker
Judy Bolyard                           Steve Hill                              Harry Ries                             Roy Warnick
Harley Brotherton                 Ted Hjaltalin                        Rhonda Roberts                   Kim West
Linda Butler                           Venda Holman                     Vickie Robinson                   Cecil Whitlock
Mike Chase                             Bill Hopkins                         Bev Russell                            Lynn Wilmot
Rich Childress                        Tami Infanger                     Diane Ryan                            Randy Zielke
Tom Cordell                            Chris Johnson                     Sherry Sanders                   
Jim Daniel                               George Jones                       Wayne Schetzle                      
Kathy Danilowicz                   Rick Killinger                      Dwane Schmit                        
Mike Davidson                        Christie Lane                      Linda Schwab

In addition to the Class of 66 members listed above, we were honored to have the following former teachers and coaches join us Friday and/or Saturday nights:    Don and Cynthia Calbick, Dick Deane, Lee Hutsell, Dwayne Leitzke, Bill McBee, Mel and Vicki Olson, and John Wagner. 

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